Watch: Herd Of Elephants Providing “Z+++” Security To Calf Wins Internet

The 38-second clip was shared on Twitter by IFS officer Susanta Nanda.

New Delhi:

A video being circulated widely on social media shows a herd of elephants escorting a baby jumbo as they make their way through a road.

The viral video features the calf making the best use of its tiny legs while trying to keep up with the massive jumbos that are escorting it.

The 38-second clip was shared on Twitter by IFS officer Susanta Nanda.

“No body on earth can provide better security than an elephant herd to the cute newborn baby. It’s Z+++. Said to be from Sathyamangalam Coimbatore road,” wrote Mr Nanda on Twitter.

As soon as the video was shared online, social media users could not stop gushing over the calf. The clip has so far amassed over 381,000 videos with nearly 1,500 retweets and 9,000 likes.

“So beautiful. Elephants have such a strong bonding that every female elephant in the herd is a mother to all the calves. They are so very protective of their calves and this video says it all. God bless them,” wrote one Twitter user.

“This is a pure dose of positivity. That picture is so perfect. God bless them all,” wrote another.

Mr Nanda later shared another clip showing how the elephants joined in numbers to give the calf as much security as possible as the herd made its way through the road.

“Here is the 1st part of the clip shared by a colleague. Just see how it started & the way additional reinforcements come in at 0.12 sec to escort the kiddu. Fascinating,” he wrote.

“This is Scotland yard, mosaad, CIA , KGB , NIA together, dare some one give a try to break in and will be crushed,” wrote one social media user.

Many observed that the video finely depicts the protective nature of elephants towards members of their herds.

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