「Global Entertainment」 “Patio of Illusion” wins “Excellent Feature Film” at the San Francisco International New Concept Film Festival

「Global Entertainment」 “Patio of Illusion” wins “Excellent Feature Film” at the San Francisco International New Concept Film Festival

The 8th San Francisco New Concept Film Festival (SFNCFF) held a grand online awards ceremony from October 27 to 31, 2021. Out of more than 100 films selected in the festival official selection, “Patio of Illusion” stood out amongst 46 selected films, winning “Excellent Feature Film”.

The film leads in the use of 8K full frame Ultra High-definition technology. Through a narrative that follows the life of Ho Yi-Cheung, a Macanese native, the film spans the past 20 years, showing the living conditions of several generations of Macanese people in a changing environment of Macau’s society and interprets how those people come to define “home”.

The International San Francisco New Concept Film Festival is a 501(C)(3) non-profit organization approved by the U.S. Federal Government. The film festival was created for the purpose of developing new ideas and the active development of future films. The film festival is a platform for the development of new concepts and ideas internationally too. Aside from being one of the world’s most important technological research and development bases, as well as an important financial center on the west coast of the United States, San Francisco is also an important birthplace of film and television.

It is in this beautiful city that the San Francisco New Concept Film Festival is held each year. The film festival also provides a convenient free communication channel for the discovery and selection of potential talents from all over the world, and better promotes and contributes to the vigorous development of film in the industry. 

The team of “Patio of Illusion” attended the online film festival awards ceremony, represented by director Shangshi Chen and distribution executive Rongdanyang “Sunny” Xiang where the organizing committee awarded the film “Excellent Feature Film”.

Shangshi Chen directed “Patio of Illusion”, provided with true-to-life character materials by Executive Producer Loi Man Keong, a script written by Mengmeng Chen, and in collaboration with U.S. producer and distribution executive Sunny Xiang. It is a captivating family drama that explores social and economic issues that arose for young Macanese during the 2000s.

In a quickly shifting social environment, our protagonist Ho Yi Cheung, played by Eugene Tang (“Tian Tai Ai Qing”, “Xiong Di Ban”), loses himself, goes through twists and turns and eventually finds his ultimate dream and his own definition of home. Through the characters’ struggles, the film conveys the three contradictions in life: self and family, work and living, the ideal and the reality. 

 “Patio of Illusion” is presented by Guangzhou 3C Toon co., produced and distributed by UTV Macau Media and Fusionart Pictures Inc.

As a realistic film with a heart-warming theme, “Patio of Illusion” illustrates the idea that no matter how far you go, you can always find “home”. It hopes to bring warmth and power to people who are still struggling to find directions in life.